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Kindle RitualKindle Ritual Review by: Mario Soto Jr
Product: Kindle Ritual
Product Creators: Brian G. Johnson & Danny Ramdenee
Type of Course: Full Kindle Training Course

Hi Mario Soto Jr here, how would you like to build quality Kindle Books that people will love you for? This is exactly what Kindle Ritual is be about! Getting those raving fans that with those coveted five star reviews that bring consistent sales to your Kindle Book.

Amazon Kindle is The Fastest growing business on the Internet Today that’s just the plain truth. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past year you probably already know this.

So What’s stopping you?

We All Set Roadblocks in our lives to deter us from doing what we know can make use a steady living online but instead we find a way to put barriers in our way to stop us from doing so I know I do it even to this day.

When I first started online it took me 4 whole months to build my first website. Even though I had all the tools right in front of me.  I found myself saying let me start this today but instead I started to Check my emails, search the web watch videos, take a break watch tv pretty much anything that would stop me from doing what I know if I did would bring me a steady income.

When I finally decided to force myself to do the work on my business instead of saying I was things turned around and fast. I started to see income in anything I set myself to do online.

With Kindles it’s not different I have recently started building my own little Kindle Empire which will be part of my growing business which right now it consist of helping offline business get a foothold in there market, Affiliate Marketing, and now Publishing.

You need to set Goals for yourself don’t just come at this like a hobby you need to focus and just go for it.

Let’s Break that Cycle Today Shall We?

So Back to my other my What’s Stopping You? I’m going to list things that have stopped me in the past I’m sure one of those will hit home.


  • I’m not good at writing
  • I don’t know how to build a website
  • I don’t know how to format a book
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’m not tech savvy enough
  • I Just don’t know What to write about

 Let Me Tell You A Secret That I Wish I knew When I first Started Back in 2008

The truth is you don’t need any of what I mentioned earlier.

I’m horrendous at grammar, but yet I am able to sustain a business online. (So Can You)
I  didn’t know how to build websites when I first started either I sucked at it but when I truly put my heart into it I learned how to do it and now I can do it in my sleep and so can you.

Formatting my first book was a scary thing but after I did a couple of times it became easier even famous writers Mess this up! Did you hear about JK Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy When it launched in the kindle store it had a formatting issue. It was quickly fixed but it happened non the less.

So never be afraid to begin because you think you’ll mess it up.

With Kindle Ritual formatting will be a Breeze  I’ll explain later on what I mean. So this is taken care of  stuff I wish I had when I first started publishing a few months back!

I hear this all the time I don’t have enough time to any of this stuff. I always ask this question first when someone tells me this “How Much Time Do You Spend Watching TV Every Week?”

Did you know the average person spends four hours a day watching TV!

So as you can imagine I usually bit my tongue when I hear someone say this to me because what we are really telling ourselves is: I don’t have time to do something productive after I get home from work.

Which is understandable but picture this for a moment say you sacrifice one of those hours to slowly build a business that can take care of not having a pesky boss? How much time would you have then?  You know the answer to that question So my next question to you is it worth spending a little time each day at the end of the week or month you’ll have something you can be proud of.

Before you know it you can be doing this full time for me that means I can be a full time dad and spend all the time I want with my daughter since I am home all day.

Please Don’t take this the wrong way I just want to put a mental picture in your mind on how your life can be different if you take charge of it and  just go for it.

Let’s Tackle the last major objection I get all the time, I don’t what to write about or the variant of this is.
I’m not an expert to write about anything! ACK!!!

That’s further from the truth, everyone has to be an expert at something or else we all be mindless drones. For example I’m pretty tech savy so I can do how to’s in the tech niche.

  • Are great at fixing things?
  • Do you have a green thumb?
  • Do you have kids? (So Many Subjects here you can write about easily)
  • Do you have a specific lifestyle you follow?
  • Can you Cook?
  • You have to have some type of hobby don’t you ?

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert At This At All To Do This! 

Here’s an idea why not find an expert in the field you are interested in writing about and ask them for an interview.

Even Better ask them if they would like to be published in a book that you are working on in that particular field see if they would write a small excerpt for you to use in the book in turn reference them as a contributor in the book.  You’ll basically be giving them free publicity and stroking there ego so most of the time they’ll do it just for that.

There a few great ways you can build an Empire of kindle book and the best part is that you will learn how to leverage multiple avenues of traffic to get the maximum exposure to your books.

Now To the Actual Kindle Ritual Review

Let’s do  quick Rundown for you There are three Major Components To the Kindle Ritual System that Brian has created.

First Major Component of Kindle Ritual:  How to Build and successfully Market a Kindle Fast

There are Seven Major Modules inside Kindle Ritual Each Module has a bunch of video in each section so don’t be fooled these are just main module titles

  • Start Here (Quick Start )
  • Introduction To Kindle Ritual
  • Author Theme Training & Usage
  • Kindle Niche Selection & Ebook Creation Ritual
  • Amazon “Kindle” Ritual
  • Facebook Leverage Ritual (Very Cool Stuff In here This is worth the Price of the course alone)
  • Video Ritual
  • Plus Some Bonus Materials, Resources
  • The Download of the Author Theme
  • Access To the Forum Where you get Help quickly about the Kindle Ritual

Kindle Ritual Members Area

I’ve spent most of the day Going through this course and I’m not anywhere near done. It’s by far one of the most Comprehensive Step-By-Step Kindle Courses I’ve taken til this date and I’ve been through a few even some that are over $1k!!

Second Major Component is Massive Time save it’s called WordPress Author Theme 

Kindle Ritual Author ThemeThis is no Ordinary Theme Oh No! Remember when I said I wish I had something to make my life easier when I first started publishing books. Well This is it. I’m not blowing hot air up your skirt either!

You can create, publish and promote your e-book all from one place. Using this highly advanced automated Author suite specially made to get you from creating your e-book to  marketing without needing a degree in computers. So it’s very friendly to all types of users not just for tech types.



This is What You Can Do With The Author Theme

  • Create Your E-book
  • Format it properly
  • Create Your Book Cover With The Cover Wizard – You can use this to create Stunning Covers quickly with very little effort
  • Manuscript Section – Which Helps you Build Your Ebook The right way No matter if it’s non-fiction or Fiction
  • Custom Widget Areas – These Areas Are Awesome to say the least because you have full control of where things go
  • Automatically Create your Website to Promote your book – Site Creation Wizard Automatically Imports your colors and Creates all the legal pages for you.
  • No Technical Headaches involved
  • Full Social Media Integration Including Google Plus Authorship
  • Save Tons of Time
Plus The Author Theme that comes with Kindle Ritual is fully Responsive Theme which mean that you don’t have to worry about if it looks good in any tablet or mobile device!

Here is an image of the Front Page of What I quickly Created
It Show Cases Major Areas Of  The Author Theme

I made a demo for you to see it in action at least how it looks and responds. Watch My Video Review on the top of the is page for a full walk through of the back area.

Click Here To See The Kindle Ritual Author Theme In Action


As you can see this is a very comprehensive course that leaves very little out When it comes to building a business around Ebook Publishing using Platforms like Kindle. The Cool thing is as this course grows you’ll get some cool updates like I know the that the author theme will have other E publishing platforms integrated into it in the future making it  a breeze to publish cross many platforms not just Kindle.

Kindle Ritual Bonus

One Thing I noticed is that almost every WordPress Site has Two Major Issues Security and Speed

My Bonus For Kindle Ritual is  Course that I’ll be releasing on it’s own very shortly and it’s Called SafeGuard WordPress

SafeGuard WordPress is Two Part Series of videos

Safeguard Series One – is all about getting your site as secure as possible so you don’t have to worry about losing your hard working sites to Malicious People that want to ruin your day.

Safeguard WP Series Two-  is all about Speeding up your Word Press To making it Lightning Fast.

Let me ask you a simple Question. When you land a site and takes more than 4 seconds to load don’t you just click away? That’s a problem imaging if you are that person that owns that site and you see all this traffic but no one is buying or clicking on your links… Well This may well be a major cause of it.

I know that these two components are the main two things that almost everyone overlooks until one of two things happen They Get hacked or there hosting provider tells them that there site is taking to much load time on there servers.
Either Fix it or find another hosting! That’s not Nice but it happens.

I’ll teach you step by step on how to get your site locked down and extremely fast. (Did you notice how fast this site loads even with all the graphics on it and video?)

Here’s An Example of My Personal Blog Page Speed Test 

Here’s Another one of my niche sites 

I have tons of sites over 85+ This helps me Rank Just FYI Speed is one of those things that is mentioned in the Google Guidelines.

Additional Cool Bonus You Are Going To Love!

When you Purchase Through My Link You’ll get access to My Entire VIP Private Training Members Area in my Blog, Plus You’ll Gain Access To My Link Building Strategies, SEO, Video Marketing and So much More.  This will go away after the Launch is ending so act Fast

To Make Sure that I get full Credit of Make Sure You Clear Your Cookies If you don’t know how Here is Great Tutorial on how to do just that.

When that is done Make sure that When You Purchase This Through Click Bank Make Sure you see my affiliate id 6041131

Then Open Go to my support desk at 
Please add your clickbank Receipt Number, Full Name used for Purchase.

I’ll send you access to the All Bonuses Within 5 Business Days (I’m Usually Quicker).

Offer Closed

Mario Soto